The CPF Coaching — Career Coaching Process

The CPF Coaching — Career Coaching Process has been developed on tried experiences and results from many who come before you, starting with the fact that you need to first focus on yourself.

The CPF Coaching — Career Coaching Process. It is focused on Self-discovery, Branding, Networking and execution. More information at

Self-discovery is the core and the start of the process because if you are focused only on external results, you will never be happy and likely to suffer from burnout more often than your peers. We help you focus on the intrinsic drivers that will help you through your career in rough patches and what it is smooth sailing.

Branding helps you define how you stand apart from your peers in various ways. We help you with this branding to use your strengths in order to help achieve the best results.

Networking is a critical step in the process because it helps set you apart from all the number of people that are looking and applying for roles. Hiring managers or recruiters should have a memorable interaction with you so that when they are in the recruiting process, your name ends up on the interview lists.

Execution — is where you take the lessons learned along the way and start to implement then in your journey. As a coach, we will be there to support you and challenge you to achieve amazing results you might not have taught you could have done before.

The CPF Coaching — Career Coaching Process on why it might not worked for you previously and how we can help you. More information at

Many of my clients have told us that they have already tried these techniques before without the success that they were looking for.

Here we share some of the reasons why previous attempts have not previously worked before.

Change is not going to happen overnight, as changing your mindset and approach to these concepts have been learned behaviours over your career. Changing these behaviour does take time, and it is possible to change these.

Through coaching sessions, we work with you to work through your goals, the realities of your situations, opportunities you can use to achieve your goals, and finally, your willingness to achieve results.

Everyone is a little different, so we wanted to develop offerings for different people.

When thinking about your growth journey, you can focus on trying to do it yourself (taking the information above and doing it on your own), I can help you via courses (available here) or via 1 on 1 coaching sessions.


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