Max Capacity Reached?

Are you growing to get the capacity you need?

If you were like me, you are probably always looking for more hours in the day. How do you get those hours? Are you growing in the ways needed to get that capacity? Many do not correlate that there is additional capacity with natural growth, but the development allows you to find new ways to do the same things you were doing before except more efficiently, therefore providing more capacity.

What are some of the items that give you the greatest return for your investment of time? For example, when using the 80/20 principle, we are looking for 20% of the things that achieve 80% of the return in impact. This allows us to prioritize and optimize how we are working to ensure the best outcomes.

Another way that allows us to grow is a shift in the way we think. Shifting our thinking from asking “can I” do something to “how can I” do something or digging deep and asking why. When we hit a roadblock in life, if we have a fixed mentality, we often accept that something we tried didn’t work because we are not good enough. However, with a growth mindset, asking “how could I have done that better” or “why did my approach not work” and looking for ways to optimize it, we end up getting better at doing it and will eventually be able to do it and at a potentially greater capacity.

One of the other things that inhibit our growth with a fixed mindset is that we see the outputs as limited and might not want to share them. Approaching things with a growth and abundance mindset, we think about how putting the strengths of others together might produce better output for all or how sharing information with others will help achieve the overall mission or cause.

By stepping outside of ourselves and helping others, not letting “this was the way things we have done” and challenging the status quo, you help all of those who might be coming behind you and help make it easier for them to achieve their outcomes.

If you have a dream for something, then ask yourself:

If I knew I could not fail, what would I attempt?

If I had no limitations, what would I love to do?

What would I be doing with my life if money were not an issue?

Focus on What Works instead of More Work. For what works, look at the Required, Return, Reward to help you focus on the right items. If you are looking for a coach to help you and get your cyber career to that #nextlevel, reach out to me at



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