Have you been holding on to the past?

Holding on the the past

Whether growing from a child to an adult or trying to learn a new skill, you will have things that you need to be willing to let go of from the past to grow. They could be bad habits holding you back or preventing you from moving forward. In John Maxwell’s book “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” in the Law of Trade-Offs, “you have to give up to grow up.”

One of these examples for me was when I was younger, the majority of my friends at the time ended up not having the same interests as me, and while having their friendship meant a lot to me, it felt like they were holding me back rather than encouraging me to grow. As I decided to focus more on my growth at the time, I gave up the time that I used to spend with them and eventually gave them up to grow up.

As you look into yourself, what are the things that might be holding you back from growth? It could be the certainty of living at home with your parents or a job that keeps you shackled to the desk if you crave the variety of seeing/doing different things? They do not have to be friends like me.

What will it take to get to the next level of your potential? Are you looking for that feeling that you are producing something of unique value or importance, or expanding on your capability or understanding of a topic, or that sense of contribution to the community?

What tradeoffs are you willing to give up for the growth opportunities? Are you choosing the right ones now, which will fuel your growth?

For trees to continue to grow, they produce buds, which become flowers for them to pollinate and continue to grow. Will you go through the change, or will you rise?

Change is a very personal issue, and it is not the same for everyone. How do you help enable growth in your life? It is never too late to go. There are examples of people achieving degrees, starting a new business, and starting over very late in life. Do you want to keep waiting or go for it now?

If you are going to make the tradeoffs, the one question to answer is, is it worth the price? Because tradeoffs have a price connected to them! What security or certainty are you surrendering for significance, contribution, or growth?

Make a list of the things you are willing to tradeoff to grow yourself. As you create your tradeoff list, create a “no compromise”/no tradeoff list and safety measures that will ensure that you do not stray from their priorities.

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