Back to Root @ BSidesNoVA

Back to Root @ BSidesNoVA2022

If you might not have noticed by now, one of the things I am extremely passionate about is the development of people and leaders within the cybersecurity space. As part that, I wanted to help with the development of a Career Villages track at BSidesNoVA. The goal was to help the sponsors and others find the amazing talent in attendance.

As my weekend wraps up, I wanted to take some time to summarize some of the key topics/themes I noticed at BSidesNoVA 2022.

I also wanted to thank the hacker community of sponsors who helped fund this conference’s operations. We are a hacker community that has come together to produce the content shared at this conference and the time needed to put this conference together. Whether you are new to the hacker scene or have been around the block several times, we need you all to change the norms and help free information. As Bob Weiss mentioned in his keynote highlighting hacker culture and society, “never hack alone.

For those new to the cybersecurity arena, some of the critical traits mentioned by hiring managers they looked for include:

Hiring managers said that they were interested in someone who understood the fundamentals of the CORE area of interest; with the “soft skills” listed above, they can teach the rest if needed. As someone who might be new to this industry, take the time to figure out your CORE are of interest, do some informational interviews with those in the field to ensure it is what you want to do, then focus your search on those areas. If you state that you are looking for any job in cybersecurity, you might end up in a role that does not align with your nature and leads to burnout.

Once you start in your role, understand the position of your coworkers in different organization groups and see how you could collaborate with them. Networking with the people within your organization and community is crucial. “Never hack alone.

Some of the other main themes from the conference focused on better understanding areas like threat hunting, threat intelligence, and understanding and preparing for cyber events. Curiosity, collaboration, and communication skills are required in these specialty areas.

I look forward to the next BSidesNoVA and hope you will join us there.



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