Are You Reflecting On Your Growth?

While many might not realize growth in themselves because they have been gradually growing, it is there. Learning to pause allows growth to catch up with you. It would help if you took the time to reflect, as reflection turns experiences into insights. Everyone needs a time and place to pause.

How do you work on developing this reflection skill for yourself?
Designing a guided process for this reflection is critical. Pausing with intention expands and enriches thinking.

When you pause, please take the time to think about what you can do to gain that understanding through investigating, incubating, illuminating, or illustrating what you learned for yourself or others.

What are you learning and growing from in your reflection time?

This is the way to self-awareness. Sometimes the distractions or pressures of commitments to the world around you might prohibit you from doing this by yourself. A coach can be a helpful tool in creating boundaries and guard rails to facilitate this process. If that interests you, reach out to me at or



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