Are you curious or do you say you are?

Curiosity is a superpower and a transferable competency that follows you no matter what role. Many people say that they are curious, yet they do not tend to ask “why?” and fail to learn the discoveries along the way. While many might have some ingrained level of curiosity from the way they were raised or biological inheritance, I feel that it is something that you can consciously grow.

What are you currently curious about and want to learn more about it? This is an excellent start to becoming curious. Start consciously making notes or writing down topics you would like to know more about, then make an effort to research what you want to know.

Do you remember when you were a child and asked “why” so many times? As you grew up, you lost the need to ask why, or society conformed you do not challenge the norms all the time with responses like “it has always been done this way.”

What makes you want to ask “WHY” today? Do you only ask why or want to learn something more because your job requires it? Or are you asking why because “YOU” want to learn more? As a hiring manager, there is a significant difference in motivation, persistence, and follow through when someone only knows because they want to achieve the bare minimum required for their jobs, versus being truly curious and asking why with genuine curiosity. You can take someone who has a genuine interest and the drive to learn more about something and ramp them up quickly to a new role in a new space. On the other hand, those that exhibit forced curiosity seem to ramp up significantly slower.

As you follow your curiosity, sometimes you will hit a wall, feel like you are limited, or even fail.

What do you do when you get here?

Do you ask “WHY”?

Are you curious to investigate the root cause and work to ensure that you don’t repeat it?

Have your stopped looking for the “right answer” to your question when you find the first answer to your question?

During the journey of life, you will have forks on the road, and sometimes being curious about those paths can value you greatly, even if you fail along the way. Asking questions along the way allows us to continue to grow and learn, so never stop asking questions.

Are you ready to continue to grow and learn? If not, what has caused you to become less curious? Ask yourself “why” five times to that answer and write them down on that piece of paper, then “why” again, and again, and again, and again.

If you are looking for a coach to help you find your “Why” and get your cybersecurity career back on track and get you to that #nextlevel reach out to me at or



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