How would you handle Accessibility in your career — Week 1

I write this blog as if I could not access my functional hands. I hope to share my journey of preparing myself to have carpal tunnel surgery potentially and both of my hands. I will try to document my experiences as I investigate and prepare for my career with a potential disability from the surgery and recovery of my hands. As I explore accessibility options and think about how I would navigate and function in my career, I start to see the challenges that those with disabilities face and navigating day-to-day life that is so normal for the enabled. I will blog things to share with you the challenges I face, including everything from writing this article using only dictation to trying to have and having speech recognition recognize my accent (even when I have a cold; editing it was another challenge that left me going back to a stylus for pointing), trying to browse the web using only voice (which has already proven to be a significant challenge) and ramp up to try to use the right keywords for the voice activation features. As I explore the different commands, I find it challenging to remember the proper context of when to use them.

Photo by Loewe Technology on Unsplash

I have talked to people who have suffered accidents causing their hands to reduce or cease functioning, and some of the challenges are extremely hard. Some have to use Velcro attachments to hold a stylus and function solely using that as a pointing device. As you can imagine, that severely limits many of the tasks of complex operating systems, like right/left clicks for contextual menus or advanced functions or the ability to use the combinations to manipulate files and processes. For the most part, they are left using devices meant for mobility, like phones and tablets, as they were meant to be used with one hand the majority of the time.

I will continue to share my findings throughout this process and any tips and tricks I discover along the way.



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